Getting Married


Foreign Nationals intending to get married in Poland should submit the following documents to the Polish Registry Office (Urz±d Stanu Cywilnego ):

– Passport, other evidence of foreign citizenship,
– Full Birth Certificate (with its certified translation into Polish)
– Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (with its certified translation into Polish)

(Full Birth Certificate should be legalised by the Consulate, while Certificate of No
Impediment should be first certified by Foreign and Commonwealth Office
(The Legalisation Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Old Admiralty Building, Whitehall, London SW1A 2LG, tel. 020 7008 1111
and than legalised by the Polish Consulate.
The consular fee is 20,- GBP per document.

– Letter of Assurance – the form is available at the Polish Consulate.
This should be filled
in and signed. Your signature should be certified by the Consulate,
your presence and passport are required; the fee is 20,-GBP.

– if applicable, your Divorce Decree Absolute, certified by FCO first, should be legalised by the Polish Consulate, the fee is 20,-GBP (plus its certified translation into Polish)

Express fee is 17,-GBP, postage fee is 4,-GBP, the fee for certifying a translation is 10,-GBP, per page.

Please note:
Both the Certificate of No Impediment and Letter of Assurance are valid
3 months from the date of issue. The date of your marriage ceremony cannot
be fixed earlier than 30 days after the submission of documents to the Polish
Registry Office.

A British citizen should notify H.M. British Embassy’s Consular Section in Poland that
she/he intends to enter marriage in Poland. The British Consulate can provide the British citizens who have stayed in Poland over 21 days CERTIFICATE OF NO IMPEDIMENT
both in Polish and in English. Those British nationals who have already obtained that document should also contact the British Embassy in Warszawa. Both parties intending to get married in Poland can also obtain further information on the formalities regarding the settlement of the spouse in Great Britain.