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Does the game of poker require luck or skill?


Playing poker is enjoyed by many, and people play it with the intent to win big. A lot of them say that luck plays a very big role, but the people who have played for years together and manage to win almost always know that it requires skill as well. Having said that, you cannot remove luck completely out of the equation; luck also has its say in the game too.

Playing poker is different from the rest of the games; you don’t play poker against the casino but play it against other players. Casinos are smartly managed; in the end, the casino wins always. Even though you might think you won, you cannot win more than what the casino wins every day. But it’s not like that with poker, when you play poker, you are playing against individuals who are not always professionals. They are just recreational players looking to make some money and have fun. Las Vegas casinos hire top mathematicians to make sure that the casinos are making a profit and getting a better margin. In the game of poker, the casino only gets a fixed amount of money called the rake.


This game depends on how you capitalize on the other players at the table. When you have a statistical advantage, you can bet more money and bet less or nothing when you have a statistical disadvantage. But poker is also a game where you bluff so you need to make sure you don’t lose much when you bluff. Poker face or expression is the key to bluffing.

On paper, the game of poker sounds very easy, and you might think that if you play right, you could win. But whether you like it or not, math plays a huge role, and it could lead you to lose everything even when you think the cards are in your favour. Even when you have AA combination of cards which is more likely to beat the rest, there are some chances where QQ could beat this, and this happens one out of five times, these are the times when poker players lose their cool because they cannot beat math.

In the long run, poker is a game of skill and patience. The game is not played for one session but is a continuous series of sessions as eventually the math will add up and turn out to be favourable. Poker is not like the other games where you could get outplayed every time. It is a game that gets you coming back for more because you could win the next round if not this and tomorrow if not today. A little bit of luck and a lot of skill could make you beat your opponents a professional at the game of poker.

Best cities for Gambling Enthusiasts

Gambling Enthusiasts

Gambling has always been the kind of activity that excites people; it could be because of the rush of adrenaline that it gives or the thrill you get knowing that you are committing a crime according to a few countries or states. It is not a surprise that gambling is not legal all around the world and in places where it’s illegal; people either resort to gambling online or travelling to other places where gambling is legal. Let’s have a look at the best places one could go to gamble.



The city of love could also become your city of love for gambling. The city disapproves of online gambling and only permits the old-fashioned authentic way of gambling by going to an actual casino. The city is the destination for the finest time for luxury and entertainment, and their casinos offer exactly that. Their casinos have restaurants where you can try the French specialities and enjoy the beautiful nightlife of Paris.

Las Vegas

Last Vegas is the hotbed of casinos. This is where all gambling enthusiasts would want to come and live their dream. This place is like a dreamland for people who have been watching casino and Las Vegas I movies alone. This is the only place that lives up to its expectation as they show in movies and with more than a hundred casinos, a gambling enthusiast could never get bored. There are themed casinos that one could visit and experience other cultures as well. Casino enthusiast must visit Las Vegas at least once in their lifetime, not just to gamble but to soak up the ambience this city has to offer.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

This city is known to draw gamblers with a variety of casinos and the experience that it is able to offer. The city is known to be built around casinos so one can imagine how great it must be to visit and gamble here. The Atlantic city is also known as the resort city; the place has many resorts with casinos in them, so one could have a relaxing and fun getaway if they are here.


Singapore is said to still be at its infancy when it comes to casinos because the first casino was started in 2006. But if you ever visit the city and go to casinos there, the city guarantees the best casino experience. There are casino cruises tat one could try at Singapore, and it surely offers all the glamour and glitz.

San Jose

San Jose

If one wants a great experience gambling and also wants to go for an affordable option, then there is no other place like San Jose. This city offers a vibrant and fun variety of casinos. There are plenty of casinos to choose from and good enough to impress a casino enthusiast.

Gaming chips at the casino – Real or fake?

Gaming chips

Gaming at the casino is fun but have you ever wondered about the gaming chips or token that they use? It is obviously used so the gamblers are distracted from reality, and they can gamble all they want. If cash is used instead of the chips, there are a lot of problems, both for the players and the casino. But what about gaming chips? Don’t they have any disadvantages?


Counterfeiting chips

Trying to counterfeit chips is not new, people have tried doing this from a very long time, maybe some people got away with it in the past, but things have changed now. Casinos are more careful when it comes to the gaming chips. It might look like toys or something that can be easily faked. You could take a fake twenty-dollar bill and exchange it for a few fives on the street, but you cannot take fake gaming chips and fool the casino.

One might think that these casino chips are standard for all the casinos, but that’s not true, each casino has its own unique kind of chips. So, you cannot take chips from one casino and cash it in another (people have tried) as it is not valid. There have been instances where people take a low-value chip home and paint it like a high-value chip and try to encash it. Although back in the day the people at the counter couldn’t tell the difference, these days this cannot be done. The casinos started using UV light that they put the chips under to check if it is legitimate.

Nowadays, the cashiers are trained to spot a fake when they see one and thanks to technology the chip shave evolved and with devices that tell a real from a fake one, it has made the job easier. The gaming chips also have unique codes that are exclusive to a casino, and nobody can counterfeit that. If one is caught counterfeiting, they will have to face the consequences for fraud.

There is also a tight security system these days where one cannot simply get away with a lot of cash by stealing or by counterfeiting the gaming chips. With face recognition devices and CC cameras installed everywhere, they are watching all your moves at all times. A single act of suspicion can get one banned from many casinos as they will have a black mark on the database that the casinos share.

The RFID chips inside the gaming chips is a gateway to making the security a lot stronger than before. It is a no brainer that the counterfeit chips without the RFID chips do not fit in their system, and the culprits can be caught immediately. So the fake gaming chips are out of the equation, and if one wants to make money at a casino, then they have to be fair and not try tricks and gamble I if they get caught or not because they surely will.