Gaming chips at the casino – Real or fake?

Gaming chips at the casino – Real or fake?

Gaming at the casino is fun but have you ever wondered about the gaming chips or token that they use? It is obviously used so the gamblers are distracted from reality, and they can gamble all they want. If cash is used instead of the chips, there are a lot of problems, both for the players and the casino. But what about gaming chips? Don’t they have any disadvantages?


Counterfeiting chips

Trying to counterfeit chips is not new, people have tried doing this from a very long time, maybe some people got away with it in the past, but things have changed now. Casinos are more careful when it comes to the gaming chips. It might look like toys or something that can be easily faked. You could take a fake twenty-dollar bill and exchange it for a few fives on the street, but you cannot take fake gaming chips and fool the casino.

One might think that these casino chips are standard for all the casinos, but that’s not true, each casino has its own unique kind of chips. So, you cannot take chips from one casino and cash it in another (people have tried) as it is not valid. There have been instances where people take a low-value chip home and paint it like a high-value chip and try to encash it. Although back in the day the people at the counter couldn’t tell the difference, these days this cannot be done. The casinos started using UV light that they put the chips under to check if it is legitimate.

Nowadays, the cashiers are trained to spot a fake when they see one and thanks to technology the chip shave evolved and with devices that tell a real from a fake one, it has made the job easier. The gaming chips also have unique codes that are exclusive to a casino, and nobody can counterfeit that. If one is caught counterfeiting, they will have to face the consequences for fraud.

There is also a tight security system these days where one cannot simply get away with a lot of cash by stealing or by counterfeiting the gaming chips. With face recognition devices and CC cameras installed everywhere, they are watching all your moves at all times. A single act of suspicion can get one banned from many casinos as they will have a black mark on the database that the casinos share.

The RFID chips inside the gaming chips is a gateway to making the security a lot stronger than before. It is a no brainer that the counterfeit chips without the RFID chips do not fit in their system, and the culprits can be caught immediately. So the fake gaming chips are out of the equation, and if one wants to make money at a casino, then they have to be fair and not try tricks and gamble I if they get caught or not because they surely will.


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