Passport & Citizen

Consular district of the Consulate General in London consists of: England,
Wales, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Bahamas.Consular district of the Consulate General in Edinburgh consists of the remaining part of the UK.
Passport & Citizenship
Issuing passports. Acquisition, confirmation, and renouncement of Polish citizenship.

Legal Assistance & Consular Protection
Assistance to Polish citizens with regard to property claims.
Information on Polish law and bilateral agreements existing between Poland
and the UK. Protection of Polish citizens. Assistance to Polish courts and public notaries. Legal assistance to Polish citizens remanded, arrested or imprisoned. Certificates. Shipping issues. Translations and legalisation of documents. Visas.

Associations & Charities
Assistance to Polish community organisations with respect to the institutions
and organisations in Poland. Honours. Registry of Polish places of national
remembrance Information about language courses.